Get The Word Out Early with Press Photography

Press Photography is essential. Its the first glimpse anyone has of a show. It has to be very creative and get the point across to the viewer well before the show is ready or even designed. When it comes to Press Photography, the sky is the limit. Unlike a live performance, you get to control the way a photo looks. Dan will work closely with your design and marketing team to come up with an image that will suit your show the best. After the shoot is finished, you will get a great assortment of photos for you to choose from. The photos can be fully edited or simply prepped for editing by your graphics team. For the shoot itself, if you have a location or need a location, Dan can work onsite or you can bring the shoot to his studio located in the Fisk Building on 16th and Hennepin Ave, in Minneapolis.
Lets Get People Excited About Your Show!